Buying or adopting a pet

You must follow current social distancing rules when buying or adopting a pet.

You should not visit a breeder or rescue centre in person to view an animal before buying or adopting it. This is not a reasonable excuse to leave your home.

You should ask for a virtual tour instead. Take extra care to make sure that the seller is legitimate by following government guidance on how to get pets responsibly

Breeders and rescue centres


You should make arrangements to deliver your pet to you when it is ready to be rehomed. Where this is not possible, and it is reasonably necessary for the pet’s welfare, you may collect the animal. You should collect your pet by appointment only.

You must collect the pet without entering the premises where this is a private home.

If your animal needs vet treatment

You can leave home for animal welfare reasons, such as to attend veterinary services for advice or treatment. If your animal needs vet treatment, phone first to arrange the best way to meet their needs.

You may also leave your home to access urgent veterinary services when you’re self-isolating. You should only do this if it is not possible for another person to take the animal to the vet.